Orlando, FL and the surrounding area. I really can’t say anything great about it. I also can’t say anything bad. It happens to be just outside the location of our happy place and where we will likely spend the remainder of 2015.

My birthday [Brittany] is magically celebrated each year at Walt Disney World. This year was no different…other than we brought our home instead of a suitcase. While here, we plan to spend November and December visiting Disney and exploring other areas we didn’t have the chance while living in Sarasota years ago.

The rough plan is Disney, Naples, Disney, St. Augustine, Disney, Sarasota, Key West, Disney…notice a trend?

Top three highlights thus far:

  1. We are now Disney World Annual Pass Holders (vigorously chanting “APH”)
  2. Bailey and Boston FINALLY made it inside the Disney gates (via Disney’s Fort Wilderness and Magic Kingdom parking lot)
  3. I was carded multiple times on my birthday (annoying…but a soon-to-be welcomed compliment)

Ten days into being 31, and it is looking good so far.

Happy Birthday month to me and to Mickey Mouse.


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