From the Atlantic to the Pacific. We made it. Well, to the Pacific anyway. We love a good “first,” and while we have been to Hawaii and technically in the Pacific Ocean, we have never been in the water on the Pacific Coast. San Diego (also a first) made it happen.

All four of us dipped our toes and paws in the Pacific. The weather was perfect, San Diego was beautiful and we were going to see longtime friends I (Brittany) grew up with in Punxsutawney. It was a good night. Of course over the next few days, it rained 3 of the 10-15 days of the year it typically does, but the fish tacos (which we ate twice), amazingly fresh sushi  and night out with friends made up for it. It even slowed us down a bit; we blended in with the locals nicely. San Diego, you are a charmer and a perfect start to our West Coast adventure!

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