Napa/Sonoma is a happy place for us. Like San Francisco, I have been before and this was Mac’s first time. If you haven’t been, what the hell are you waiting for? It is BEAUTIFUL. I don’t care if you drink, like wine or are allergic to bees. GO.

Napa is easily my favorite place in California (and now the west coast). It is honestly a slice of heaven. In fact, I think my heaven is sitting on the balcony at Artesa which just happens to be right in the middle of Magic Kingdom.

All the photos below were take there…Artesa Winery not Magic Kingdom. We may have been having too much fun to take anymore during the stay (or maybe we had a few too many glasses to care!).

Side story: My sister, Jade, came with me the first trip to Napa. We visited Artesa and in front of the road leading up to the winery is the most charming, unassuming house (which is a stark contrast to the otherwise very modern main building). It is as if it was plucked from a mid-western farm and gently put down in the middle of the vineyard. We wanted to move in then, and we still want to move in now. So if anyone knows how we can buy or rent…let us know. 🙂

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