Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. – Mark Twain

Mac | 34
HometownMadison, NC
An exceptional sales person who enjoys motorcycles, golf, eating, traveling and all things Disney.

Brittany | 30
HometownPunxsutawney, PA
A marketing communications expert who enjoys reading, writing, baking, eating, traveling and all things Disney.

Bailey Madiso| 9
An 11-lb shih tzu who enjoys sleeping, fast walking, peanut butter and all things Disney.

Boston Penn | 8
A 6-lb shih tzu who enjoys licking, running, sticking his tongue out and all things Disney.


Finding ourselves in a mind-numbing pattern over the last five years had us itching for something more…”grass is greener” type more. We were steadily climbing the corporate ladder, reaching professional goals and living outside the inspiring Washington, D.C. — where we seemed to lose any charm leftover from our small-town upbringings.

We were happy but not excited. Busy but not challenged.  The list goes on. Chasing daydreams of giving it all up to travel and see as much as possible, we enjoyed our annual international vacations and sporadic road trips to explore the U.S. But, something was missing.

We had researched RVs and were intrigued by the possibilities; however, careers and striving for professional success got in the way. One morning we woke up to a phone call that Mac’s grandmother passed away. The very next morning, we woke to a call that my grandfather passed away. We traveled home for funerals, and we decided there will never be perfect timing…so why not now.

We flew to Florida. We bought an RV. We sold 70% of what we own (which still brings a tear to my eye…people seriously made out!). Quit one promising corporate career. And, literally hit the road to travel the U S of A over the next year. After that, who the hell knows.

We will figure it out as we go.

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