Punxsutawney, PA: “The Weather Capitol of the World” and our healthy lifestyle’s worst nightmare.

We kicked off our RV travel adventure in the exotic Punxsutawney, PA by setting up shop in the field next to my parents house (and my grandparent’s and my three uncles’ and my aunt’s, etc.). Thrilling…I know. But, we had a U-haul full of the remaining 30% of our belongings which were [un]happily stored in my parent’s basement. (Sorry, Dad.).


Two things happened during our stay.

1.  We gained 5 lbs and said to hell with working out.
2.  We got solar! Thanks to the free labor and mad skills of Mac and my Dad we are off the grid without the cost of install. Win-win.

After an unexpected three weeks of family-filled time, we are prepped and ready to go…really go this time. Solar is in. Wi-fi Ranger is up and running. 4G cellular booster…check. Interior decorating? AMAZING! All the comforts of home are ready for the road. In the words of the ever-inspiring Blacked Eyed Peas, “Let’s get this party started.”

I captured this sunset the night before we left. Calm before the storm? Or, a warm goodbye?

P.S. Does anyone else have a dad that literally can/will do anything for you? Case in point: a prior-to-moving text with my dad.

Me: Dad, can you build me a shed to store all of my stuff?
Dad: What kind of shed and where?



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