Never again, fake Christmas. Never again.

We are with my family every year for Christmas (whether in Pennsylvania or on vacation). I have a large family with lots of cousins and traditions. I typically refuse to give it up; however, it was quickly apparent, for various reasons, it wasn’t happening this year.

After making plans to leave Florida, we were told that our main slide out on the RV need adjusted and could take a week (post on this hot mess coming). We opted to fly to PA the week before Christmas instead of stay in a hotel. My sister was coming in from Colorado early and my cousin would drive up from Northern Virginia so we could celebrate early.

Our “fake Christmas” was great but not the real deal. We opened gifts, had Christmas dinner, wore our matching pajamas, etc. We saw family, friends and snow.

Christmas was spent at a luxury motorcoach resort in Orange Beach, AL. The resort and location was amazing. We FaceTime’d our families Christmas morning and had Christmas lunch with the resort’s residents (most of which were multi-millionaires). We woke up apart. Missed family time. Ate terrible Thai food. Jade got food poisoning. Shit fell apart. We vowed to never wake up apart again.

Never again, fake Christmas. Never again.

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