We hit two milestones in Arkansas: 10 years together and 10,000 miles on the RV.

Both of which where celebrated over NYE in Hot Springs—a town famous for its, get this, natural hot springs. A town that is steadily making its way back to its heyday of entertaining mobsters, Hollywood sex symbols and the like, Hot Springs has not lost its appeal to those that find their way. We spent four nights enjoying its quirks, rugged beauty and welcoming people—in the middle of winter. And, surprisingly, it might just be our favorite place thus far.

It was an interesting time in our journey. We had a million and one issues with the RV, and we were ready to kill each other. Just as if the Universe knew we needed a happy-every-after moment, it brought us a literal fairytale in the middle of the woods—a glass chapel.

What makes this interesting is that I had seen it before—years ago on Pinterest. I never knew where it was, but it stayed with me. We happened to walk upon it while visiting Garvan Woodlands Gardens (well worth a visit anytime of year). Let’s just say it was the perfect reminder of why we are traveling the country in an RV—to find the unexpected.

What else was unexpected in Hot Springs?

  • The food: it was amazing. Comfort food with a culinary twist. Every single thing we ate was delicious. The food in the downtown bars was by far the best. Bar food with complex flavors and intriguing combinations. The Chicago-deep dish eatery wasn’t bad either. And, authentic New York-style pizza…they have that too. Simply amazing.
  • The shopping: boutique shopping at its best. From bath and skincare products made from healing hot spring minerals to bohemian home décor to pet products, Hot Springs had everything. It wasn’t a “let’s make a day of it,” but it filled an afternoon easily.
  • The views: Arkansas is incredibly beautiful. We never expected to fall so hard. It is rugged beauty everywhere you look. Period.
  • The activities: there was always something to do. Hiking, bathhouses, bars and pubs, live music, botanical gardens, etc.
  • The people: it was like we had grown up there. Everyone was so incredibly nice. Not the “you’re a tourist, I want you to buy things” nice but genuinely welcoming.

I could go on, but I will wrap it up with this: we cannot wait to celebrate more milestones in Hot Springs, AR.


I knew fairies were real.

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