We are making our way up the California coast. Well, a bit inland actually. Hwy 101 is too much excitement for Mick. We round through wine country (Paso Robles was amazing BTW) and stopped about 1.5 hours east of Big Sur. We packed a picnic, rounded up two shih tzus and made a day trip to Big Sur.

It. Was. incredible. Every hill we passed, every turn we made, each vista we took in, we were positive we were meant to live in that spot. Big Sur is another example of Mother Nature at her finest. The bluest blues, greenest greens and most down-to-earth people live here. And, I am sure its only a matter or time until we find the unicorns, fairies and elves.

We found our California Love in Big Sur. It is a place we will visit in our dreams until we find our way back.

We don’t even have captions for the photos. Big Sur just speaks for itself.

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